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A Note of Thanks

Jill Habluetzel Hendon recently expressed her deep appreciation for Clay Center Presbyterian Manor, and the entire staff’s compassion and care with her parents, Arlene and Arlan Habluetzel.

“I came to Clay Center on January 31st to be on call for Mom and Dad while my sister was on vacation,” Jill wrote in an email. “Mom and Dad have lived in the Independent living cottages for over ten years and have enjoyed their apartment, but it is nice to have a family member close by just in case. Since they moved into the manor, I have been staying with Mom day and night, and our large family has visited her from all over the United States. Our family has been so impressed by the staff, and we wanted to let you know.”

Arlene recently passed, but Arlan is still at home at Clay Center Presbyterian Manor.

Jill said that writing positive reviews is one of her favorite things to do.

“It is so much more fun than writing about unsatisfactory encounters,” she said.

What followed was a list of more than 30 personalized expressions of thanks and gratitude to staff members.

“She seems to care about my Mom and other residents and works hard to go above and beyond,” she wrote in one note. “She checks to see if my Mom is attending meals and activities and helps her as needed. She even brought her sweet daughters in to meet my Mom and me. Of course, we loved them. What a kind gesture to take the time to share her life with us. It was special.”

Another continued the theme of compassionate and personalized care.

“She checks with every resident, calls them by name, and asks about them. What a caring person who makes residents feel special.”

Over and over again, Jill shared her kind thoughts about the dedication and kindness of the Clay Center Presbyterian Staff.

We’re proud of our staff. Every day, they exemplify the Presbyterian Manor mission in the work they do, and in the way they care for our residents.

Thank you for your caring hearts and your compassion.

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