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Cats, Clay Center, and quality: Learn more about our Executive Director

Christian Gilbert joined Clay Center in the spring as the Executive Director[/caption]

Gilbert has been at the helm of Clay Center Presbyterian Manor since the spring, and he has some insight to share with us about his journey so far.

He’s pleasantly surprised by the involvement of the Clay Center community and is looking forward to achieving new goals and objectives.

“I have noticed that small towns are disappearing at a rapid rate in the U.S. due to urbanization. Clay Center, Kan., is another story. I have been surprised by how much this small community thrives and everything it has to offer. I have also been impressed with the community’s involvement in Presbyterian Manor because I have not experienced this in bigger cities,” said Christian.

“We want to elevate Presbyterian Manor from good to great. One way we can achieve this is through QAPI, our quality assurance and performance improvement program. As we improve our quality, we would like to eventually apply for the American Health Care Association Commitment to Quality Bronze Award. This award is tough to earn due to its rigorous criteria but our goal is to work toward this level of achievement.”

One fun fact that others may not know about Christian is that he loves cats, and he’s inspired by this favorite quote from Thomas Edison: “Genius is 1-percent inspiration and 99-percent perspiration.”

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