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Decking the halls of Clay Center Presbyterian Manor

Doris Callaway said her favorite Christmas decoration was her Christmas tree and her favorite activity was decorating it.

There are so many fun decorations to be seen around Clay Center Presbyterian Manor. We decided to ask some of our residents about their favorite Christmas decorations, past or present.

Donna Girton

Donna Girton's favorite Christmas decorations were gingerbread ornaments. She said she would make them, hang them on the tree and then two or three weeks later her kids would take them off the tree and eat them. They didn't care how hard they were, it was always a treat!

Floyd Bosch's favorite Christmas decoration is a stained glass nativity scene that he made himself. What a beautiful reminder to everyone about the true reason for the season.

Maddie Brown loved to make Christmas wreaths. She would use lids from household items and crochet around them, so no two wreaths were ever the same.

Several other residents shared their favorite Christmas decorations. Some mentioned Christmas trees with themed ornaments. Bill Wieland is particularly fond of a purple and white themed tree he used to decorate with old Willie the Wildcat ornaments. Others mentioned ceramic trees with colored lights that lit up, caroling figures and Christmas villages.

Floyd Bosch

All the favorite decorations our residents told us about seem to have one common theme: They were all items that brought great excitement, joy and wonder to the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews and cousins who saw them each year.

Thanks for sharing your favorite Christmas decorations with us!

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