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Finding fun, fitness, and community

To some, the gathering of Clay Center Presbyterian Manor residents might have seemed like a normal morning routine - and a chance to get a little exercise.

But for one special Unicorn, the morning Sit and Be Fit classes seemed more like an intense training regimen designed to prepare contestants for the toughest of competition.

“Our Sit and Be Fit class helped our Unicorn prepare for the local Java Junkies T-Rex race,” said Alicia Paul. “Everyone had so much fun with that - and we did a video with an Eye of The Tiger feel to it.”

Nearly every morning, Monday-Friday at 9:30 the Sit and Be Fit class gathers in an open community area - generally near windows so residents can enjoy sunshine and a view to the outside.

“The activity director leads a very easy aerobic-style class with very light weights,” Alicia said. “There’s a lot of fun music involved, and it’s something that gets residents out of their rooms, around each other, so it’s a social activity with exercise elements.”

Both the social and the physical components provide immeasurable benefits.

“The motion and movement are so important,” Alicia said. “Getting them all together and getting them moving in a fun, energetic setting, for me, that’s really fun to see. A lot of people don’t want to do physical therapy and that sort of thing, but they’ll do this because it’s a good way to get that movement, and you get to do it as a group.”

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