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Finding joy on an unexpected journey

Life has a way of taking us down roads we never expected, on journeys we didn’t plan. While residents Floyd and Lillian Bosch are enjoying their new life here at Clay Center Presbyterian Manor, it wasn’t on their radar until an unfortunate incident occurred.

“Last April, Lillian fell and broke her hip. She had to go to the hospital of course, and I’m in a wheelchair and mostly dependent on her. So I came to live here temporarily, until we could get back home,” said Floyd. “We were home for about four months but unfortunately, Lillian fell again and became ill. That’s when we knew we had to make some decisions.”

Knowing if and when to leave one’s own home and reside in a senior living community is often a grueling decision to make. Even the best imaginable place may never truly feel like “home.” But after taking everything into consideration, Floyd and Lillian made the move to Clay Center Presbyterian Manor for good.

“It’s a transition going from home to here. It’s going well, but there’s a lot to adjust to. It is nice to have services here like food prepared, clothes washed, and assistance you might need,” said Floyd. “Lillian's able to get the therapy she needs right here, which is great. And we do enjoy all the social activities. The staff is wonderful, too.”

Floyd and Lillian are well known in the Clay Center community, and they enjoy the proximity to their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

“The food’s good here, but I got a craving for corn on the cob, which they hadn’t served. So my daughter came up here and cooked it for me. And my son came and got me on my birthday, and made me a big, juicy steak at his house. It’s the freedom and ability to do these things that makes a big difference,” said Floyd. “One thing I like here is that there are religious services on Sundays and Thursdays, and various pastors in the community take turns having the services. They have a bible class also, and these things are very important.”

As a former Lutheran minister, Floyd certainly understands the importance of a strong spiritual life.

“I spent 12 years as a Lutheran minister in England. We had four children there. We enjoyed the English people and countryside. I was then a pastor here in Clay Center at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and later did some carpentry work after my health forced me to leave the ministry.”

Lillian’s background is in teaching, and she worked at Big Lakes Developmental Center, taking care of physically and mentally disabled people. Floyd and Lillian have six children, 14 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren, and between them all, a whole array of careers and interests.

“Our oldest daughter is a doctor, and taught in China at one point. Our oldest son was a lawyer and is now a judge. Another daughter was a social worker, and our next son was a photographer with the Miami Herald. He’s been everywhere: Afghanistan and Pakistan to name a few. He even got shot at many times! Our youngest son is a jeweler and our youngest daughter is a CPA. Even our grandchildren have interesting careers! One works in Australia for a wedding dress company, and another is a professional harpist.”

We’re glad Floyd and Lillian are enjoying their new home here, even though it wasn’t in their plans. We never know what life may bring our way, but we’re glad to offer a safe, warm, accommodating place for those in need of extra care.

“It’s great if you can can stay in your own home, or maybe get some extra services at home. But sometimes you need to make the decision to move elsewhere. There are a lot of things to consider, like the reputation of the home, the people, the staff, also the residents too. Look at all of those things, and look at the food, cleanliness, medical help, assistance, everything. Those were all factors in our decision to come to Clay Center Presbyterian Manor, and we’re glad we did.”

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