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Get to know: Russ Geyer

Physical therapist Russ Geyer with Aegis Therapies has worked in wide variety of environments, but long-term care is his favorite.  

“I’ve been a physical therapist for 23 years and have worked in home health, outpatient, schools and hospitals. But working with elders is my favorite, because we have a lot to give back to them for everything they’ve given us,” said Russ.

Another thing Russ loves about his job is seeing patients regain functions that they’ve lost.

“If there’s something they can restore with therapy, and we can help them adapt or return to prior level of function, that’s great. They’re so happy to get up on their feet and go.”

Russ works with patients in Clay Center Presbyterian Manor’s Post-Acute to Home program (PATH) and also any other resident who needs assistance. “We recently got a patient back to his home. It is absolutely so cool to see them go home after an illness or injury,” he said.

Russ’ passion for helping others means he always wants to learn more. He’s working on getting dementia certified, which means he’ll be better able to help those who might need a different approach. He’s also pursuing further education on pain management.

“One of the biggest misconceptions is that we’ll make people hurt -- that we’re just going to work you like a dog. We don’t want people to hurt,” he said.

When Russ isn’t at Clay Center Presbyterian Manor, you’ll probably find him watching his boys, ages 14 and 16, playing sports, or fishing, hunting, or doing yard work.

“I love the community at Clay Center. They have a really close group; the caregivers have a lot of empathy. They’re a good group. They're pretty special.”

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