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Life enrichment director loves to make residents smile

Life enrichment director Anica Tholstrup’s mind is always active, churning out new creative ideas for our residents.

“I love to get ideas from the residents,” Anica said. “I enjoy hearing about things they would like to do. I also use Pinterest, different websites and Facebook. My mind is always thinking of different activities, and I’m constantly looking for new ideas from everywhere and everyone.”

Anica has been with Presbyterian Manor for more than three years and recently took the life enrichment director position. She said creating new and interesting activities for residents helps provide a sense of well-being and serves to enhance physical, cognitive and emotional health.

“It’s important for the residents because it gives them a sense of importance and it gives them things to look forward to each day,” she said. “I love to see the smiles on their faces when they are doing things they enjoy.”

Residents seem to like the area music groups that play at Presbyterian Manor, Anica said. They also enjoy when local school kids visit to play games, build craft projects or engage in other activities with the residents.

“They really love that,” Anica said.

Additionally, residents can enjoy van rides to some of the smaller communities in the area — an activity that seems to be among residents’ favorites. There are also opportunities for group exercise.

“It makes them feel good to be healthy,” Anica said.

As life enrichment director, Anica is always looking for new ideas for engaging, interesting, and entertaining activities — and she’s always looking for suggestions on how to improve and expand on the activities selection.

“My favorite activities are the same as the residents,” she said. “It makes me happy to see them smile.”

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