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Local students share artwork with residents

Clay Center Presbyterian Manor residents recently enjoyed a "private viewing art show.”

A few local "littles" wanted to spread sunshine and love to our residents by bringing artwork up for them. For everyone’s safety, the artwork was hung on the outside of the front windows, alongside photos and information about the artists. Residents came out for private viewings of the pieces created by some very special young people.

Above, left, shows 5-year-old Bryce Weller, his new puppy Wrigley, and his "bio" sheet. Above, right, are rainbow artists Neelly, Holte, and Pratt Taddiken's bio sheets with special messages to some of our residents who they and their family have gone to church with, and even a past neighbor.

The show was a gift from these wonderful children and their families. Thank you for thinking of us here at the Clay Center Presbyterian Manor.

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