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Lots of ingredients to keeping the kitchen running

Three times each day, residents gather to enjoy a home-cooked meal - and well before the dining room fills, Dining Services Director Sandra Tate has been working to make it all come together.

“It’s sort of hard to explain,” Sandra said. “I do the orders, scheduling, all the stuff that makes things work.”

With Sandra’s ability to multi-task and manage multiple demands, the more than 50 residents who gather each day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, get to enjoy a full meal without first-hand knowledge of all the moving parts.

“We do a weekly order, usually go through the menu, and see what we have in stock and if we’re low, I order it,” Sandra said. “We prepare meals in the main kitchen and the Assisted Living and Independent Living dining rooms are right off the kitchen.”

Sandra, who joined the manor in May, said she can’t quite say what her personal favorite dish is from their kitchen.

“I like all of our dishes,” Sandra said. “I take pride in all of them. But the residents’ favorite is Chicken Fried Steak, mashed potatoes, and gravy. That and meatloaf.”

When she’s not working, Sandra enjoys spending time with her three grown children and three grandchildren - all of whom live within a three-block radius of her.

“And camping and fishing!” Sandra said.

Thanks for everything you do, Sandra!

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