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Make your own simple and fun Christmas snowman

Make your own simple and fun Christmas snowman
By Dani Pounds

As soon as I made one and showed Matt, he thought I should make one to resemble each person in the family I was giving to. So, that’s like…26 snowmen? Welp, here’s hoping I don’t run out of supplies!

What You’ll Need:
Pair of calf-length tube socks
Pair of cute patterned girls’ socks (on sale at Target for a dollar a pop!)
Rice (or beans, or lentils)
Rubber bands
Buttons and/or felt for shirt/eyes/nose

1) Cut the foot off of one tube sock and toss. You will only need the top o’ the sock.

2) Turn the tube part of the sock inside out and wrap one end tight with a rubber band. Then, turn it right side out again and begin to fill with rice! (And begin to spill rice all over your carpet, if you have my hand-eye-coordination). Push rice down into the sock so it will stretch out and become a chubby little snowman body.

3) Once you have filled the sock to the almost-brim, wrap another rubber band around the top to secure.

4) Take out your patterned socks. Cut the heel and toe off of one sock, so you just have the middle. This will be the snowman’s shirt. Then take the other sock and cut off the heel. This will be the snowman’s hat.

5) Shimmy the “shirt” over his plump belly. Then, if you want to make a traditional snowman with three snow rolls, take a string of twine and tie a tight knot around the bottom of the sweater. Then, take another piece of twine and tie it around the top of the sweater.

I happen to like my snowman fat and happy, so I only tied twine around the top of the sweater. This gave him a cute rounded belly, and I could tell he thanked me for not being constricted by another piece of twine. I, myself have had one too many Christmas cookies already…so I feel ya on the “no tight waistline” look, Mr. Snowman.
6) For his hat, take another piece of twine and tie it near the top of the sock toe. This will make it look more like a hat and also cause it to fall cutely to the side.

7) Okay, now for his face! I didn’t have enough small buttons for all of the snowmen I was making, so I had to whip out my hot glue gun and use black felt instead. I did the same for his lil’ carrot nose, using orange felt. I did have buttons for his sweater, too, but apparently, I forgot, er, got too excited to photograph that I skipped this step!
How could I not get too excited…LOOK AT HOW CUTE HE IS!!

After you finish your first snowman and see how easy it is to make something so fat and adorable, it is hard not to make more. Even if I wasn’t planning on giving these as gifts, I still think I would have made a snowman army for myself. Come to think of it, it is going to be hard to give these guys up!

Good thing tube socks are still on sale.

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