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Meet Julie Cole, our medical records coordinator

By Christi Rice

What exactly does a medical records coordinator do?

At Clay Center Presbyterian Manor, our Medical Records Coordinator Julie Cole began her description with a general answer: she accounts for the combination of all paper and electronic medical records for all residents in all three levels of care.

As our conversation went on, she explained how she works closely with doctors’ offices, hospitals, and consulting physicians to make sure all information having to do with our residents’ medical care is accurately communicated. In doing so, Julie does her part to ensure the best possible care and outcomes for our residents. She also tracks charges for billing, completes Medicare consent paperwork, schedules primary care physician visits, tracks labs, and completes all orders and inventories of medical supplies.

Julie has been with Clay Center Presbyterian Manor since August 2004. She will celebrate her 17th anniversary this year. When asked what has kept her here for so long, she explained that her grandmother was one of 12 children and she grew up around great aunts and uncles. She enjoyed the time she spent with her older relatives, and she genuinely enjoys spending time with our residents.  

On a personal note, Julie will celebrate her 35th wedding anniversary with husband, James, this December. They have two children, a daughter and a son, and two granddaughters. As a family they love board games, and playing with the granddaughters is a favorite activity. Some of their favorite games are Sorry, Clue, Monopoly Jr., Yahtzee, and checkers. Recently, they found a new game, “Ticket To Ride," and Julie giggled and excitedly announced that she has finally beaten her oldest granddaughter at this game.  

Julie enjoys listening to, singing and playing the piano. She fills in at Presbyterian Manor when we need a pianist for chapel services, and during the COVID pandemic, when no one could come in and our residents could not gather together, Julie recorded more than 30 of the residents' favorite hymns and led "Hallway Hallelujah" with her own recorded piano accompaniment.

Julie reads every day and is also a skilled seamstress. Before having children, Julie made most of her own clothing.

When you are at Clay Center Presbyterian Manor be sure to stop in and say hello to her, maybe tell her about a new game you and your family have enjoyed.

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