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Meet Shelley Eisenman

New administrative assistant/receptionist Shelley Eisenman is a fairly familiar face around Clay Center Presbyterian Manor, but she's only been here since January 8. That hasn't stopped her from getting to know as many residents and families as possible, though.

"I love being constantly busy. I love to meet and greet the families, and always being here for the residents," said Shelley.

Shelley and her husband Earnest have lived in Clay Center for a total of four years, though this is their second time living here. They have three children and one granddaughter and enjoy doing home remodeling in their spare time.

"I used to own a home remodeling business, and I once owned a computer store as well. I did that while I was raising my children," said Shelley. "I also like to garden, especially flowers, and one of my biggest passions is restoring antique furniture. I'm all about sanding and staining and taking it back to its natural state."

We're happy to have Shelley here on staff at Clay Center Presbyterian Manor, and she's looking forward to meeting you if she hasn't already!

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