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Mother's Day Tea Party

On Saturday May 11, we had our first Mother's Day tea party. Life Enrichment Director Kristen Pedigo invited residents and their families and friends to a 2 p.m. tea party where she had hats, white gloves and a special activity. She printed out papers with questions for the attendees to fill out asking ...

"When I was young my mom used to …." Some of the answers were: "read to us every night and change her voice for the different characters." “Make me dust the furniture,” “pin up my hair every Saturday night during ‘Gun Smoke’ and cover the pin curls with a stretchy thing I wore to bed so that the curls would be perfect for Sunday School and church the next morning," "let me sit on her lap and rub my back," and "let me help her in her flower and vegetable gardens."

"My mom makes the best …." Some answers were: "cream pies," "bread pudding," "homemade dinner rolls," "Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls," "clothes - she made all of my clothes," and "potato salad."

"My favorite memory of my mom/grandma is ...." Some answers were: "her rock solid faith," "that we always had good meals," "her making a 7-layer Jello salad that took hours," "family reunions with homemade vanilla ice cream," and "when she let me go hunting with the 22!"

Dining services worked along-side Kristin creating a menu that included two types of crustless finger sandwiches, tortilla roll-ups, a fruit plate, chocolate covered strawberries, and white chocolate covered caramels with sea salt.

There were more than 60 in attendance.

PHOTOS: At the very top are Betty Jones and all four of her daughters. In the collage, at the top, are Leota Fowles and Elnora Jones with their special girls, Ruth Butterfield with her daughters, three generations enjoying the festivities with resident Billie Swensen (left), and (right) Viola Blackwood with her beauties enjoying some chocolate dipped strawberries.

In the middle, Christi Rice, marketing director, Kristin Petigo, life enrichment director, and Tisha Van Wyhe, social services,  try on hats and other Tea Party props for quality control. At the bottom are the Dining Services staff who pitched in to make the tea party extra special with their “party perfect” treats.

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