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New resident, employee have known each other forever

Dorcile Moon calls her daughter, Dena Van Horn, an angel.

Resident Dorcile Moon and employee Dena Van Horn might both be relatively new to Clay Center Presbyterian Manor, but they’re anything but new to each other.

Dorcile is Dena’s mother — so when Dena accepted the role of health services supervisor, she was walking into a place that was certain to feel like family. Anyone who spends even a few minutes visiting with the mother and daughter can instantly feel the love between them.

Both say the other has been an “angel” in the other’s life. Dena said Dorcile helped out with her children while she was busy attending nursing school, and Dorcile did everything she could to provide the best life possible for Dena when she was growing up.

Likewise, Dorcile said that Dena was an angel as a child and continues to be one to this day. She’s also very proud of Dena and the work she’s doing.

We’re happy to share the love with this dynamic mother/daughter team and welcome them both to our community.

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