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New resident reflects on Christmas memories

Velma Lang is a recent addition to our independent living cottages, and while we all know there's "no place like home" for the holidays, we know that home can have different meanings to different people.

We asked Velma to share some of her favorite Christmas memories and traditions, as well as some words of wisdom to those who are finding themselves in a new place during Christmas time.

"My favorite traditions are going to church services on Christmas Eve, and baking cookies and fruitcakes—but not the hard as a brick kind that no one wanted to eat. It was edible and rich tasting!" said Velma. "I always enjoyed getting new pajamas from Santa Claus for Christmas, and I hope I've given lots of memorable gifts."

When asked, "What is the most important thing for new residents to be able to enjoy the holidays in their new home away from home?" Velma replied, "Enjoy the friendliness of everyone around you."

We hope Velma, and residents new and old, enjoy the friendly, warm, welcoming atmosphere during the holidays at Clay Center Presbyterian Manor.

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