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On the Right PATH®

Post Acute to Home Rehabilitation Program Shows Positive Outcome

Vonda Brockman made tremedous progress during the two months she spent in the PATH® rehabilitation program.[/caption]

During the month of September, we celebrate and highlight an important service offered at Clay Center Presbyterian Manor: Post Acute to Home, or PATH®. The PATH rehabilitation program is available for Presbyterian Manor residents and also to those in the Clay Center community and beyond. Our rehabilitation therapy program, powered by Aegis Therapies, is designed to help our residents regain physical functioning. Our therapists work with patients to provide a therapy regimen to help them recover what may have been diminished or affected during an illness or from an injury.

Here we share two PATH success stories and invite you to learn more about this service by calling 785-632-5646.

Vonda Brockman: When Clay Center resident Vonda Brockman went to Illinois for a graduation in May, she couldn’t have guessed that she wouldn’t return to Kansas for more than four weeks. But when she arrived in Illinois, she was in terrible pain. She asked her daughter to take her to the hospital, and there, they discovered a perforated ulcer.

“They did emergency surgery, and the doctor didn’t think she’d make it through surgery,” said Kraig Brockman, Vonda’s son. “She was in the hospital for 10 days and had to go to a rehab facility there initially because she wasn’t strong enough to travel. They kept her for 20 days, as that’s all Medicare would pay for, and said we had to bring her back to Kansas. They would release her if we had a doctor say there was a rehab facility for her to go to. We live really close to Presbyterian Manor; I know people who’ve worked there, and I’m familiar with the other places in town. So the decision to bring her here was pretty easy.”

Vonda was in the PATH program for nearly two months and showed tremendous progress. She’s now back home, living independently in her apartment, where she loves to do crossword puzzles and admire all the pictures of grandkids on her walls.

“She just thought the people were extremely nice and helpful. We weren't sure if she’d get back to her apartment, but we’re very happy with everyone who helped her get there,” said Kraig.

Fern Turner: Clay Center resident Fern Turner also experienced a life-changing health event in May, and thanks to Presbyterian Manor’s PATH program, he is on the road to recovery.

“He fell on May 23 and broke his leg right below his hip. He was initially evaluated at a Clay Center hospital, then sent to Via Christi in Wichita,” said his wife, Dorothy. “He’s 92, and when this happened at his age, I was concerned. Surgery itself carries so many risks, but he came through that well. We were in a bind, though, because they said he had to be out of the hospital in just a few days.”

When it came time for Fern and Dorothy to decide where to go for rehabilitation, there was no hesitation. Their daughter, Deb Forshee, served as the director of nursing at Clay Center Presbyterian Manor for many years and now works for the corporate office of Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America (PMMA).

Fern Turner and his wife Dorothy knew Clay Center Presbyterian Manor would be the best place for Fern to be during his road to recovery after he broke his leg.[/caption]

“PMMA bent over backwards to get him in. They took him on Monday, which was Memorial Day.

Three people came in who were off duty, and a therapist came up from Wichita to evaluate him and get him going,” said Dorothy. “He’s doing really well. The therapists have said he’s well ahead of schedule for healing, especially at his age. The two therapists he had were excellent – couldn't have asked for anyone better. And they worked hard with him, and he’s the type of person that doesn’t give up. He has amazing willpower.”

Fern looks forward to being back home soon and playing dominoes with friends and family.

“Our experience with Presbyterian Manor has been absolutely wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone. The employees, aides and nurses are outstanding, very friendly, and they’ve said they’ll miss him when he’s gone. He’s kind of a quiet person but has a lot of fun with them. They have been super. I felt that they always went the extra mile.”

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