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Renaissance man – Roger Mall

Clay Center Presbyterian Manor resident Roger Mall is a man of many interests and talents — what some might call a “Renaissance Man.”

Roger Mall is an original renaissance man.[/caption]

While he’s known for displaying his beautiful flowers and coleus, his interest extends beyond growing beautiful plants.

“Years ago, I took up an interest in weaving. I made seven trips to the Navajo reservation in Arizona, where I learned firsthand how to wash and spin the wool, then weave it. It was a wonderful experience. We were immersed in the culture,” said Roger.

Roger’s talents have been on display in various museums, including one in western Kansas and one in Wichita.

“I contacted K-State to see if they wanted my weaving books, and they said they’d like an actual piece of my weaving as well. So I took it up there and got to tour the textile department’s warehouse of all sorts of fabrics and fashions. It was a wonderful experience.”

Roger has always been a collector, and when his wife, Judith, died 35 years ago, she told him to “go out and do what you want to do.” He fulfilled her wishes and has enjoyed various hobbies and interests, including a marble collection.

“I had so many beautiful marbles, German ones, too. They were marvelous. I sold them recently and made quite a bit. It was time, but it was still hard.”

Roger has been involved in the arts for many, many years, after getting his start at the Kansas City Art Institute. He became a map maker for the military, and he later retired from that career. His daughter, grandchildren and great-grandchildren live in the Kansas City area, and he enjoys spending time with them as well.

We enjoy Roger’s variety of interests, and the many ways he’s shared them with us.

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