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Resident Velma Lang celebrates 102 years

On March 15, resident Velma Lang turned 102 years young and is the oldest in her family, the oldest in her church and the oldest in Clay Center Presbyterian Manor!

What’s her secret to living a long life?

“She would say her faith, her family and I think her health,” said Beverly Lang, Velma’s daughter.

Longevity also runs in the family. Velma’s sister passed away at 101 ½, her father passed at 99 and her mother passed at 102 and a couple months. “My brother and I don’t think we’ll make it that long,” joked Beverly.

Velma is one of five kids and was born and raised in the Lutheran church just five miles south of Clay Center on a farm. She and her first husband – who was killed in World War II – had a son, Douglas Fowles. When he was four, Velma met and married her second husband, and they had Beverly. The family of four lived about 14 miles north of Clay Center on a farm until 1965, when they then moved to town. Velma was a nurse’s aide before she worked at the Soil Conservation Service Office as a district secretary for 31 years.

“She liked to bake, and she liked to make pies. I can remember coming home from church and she’d ask what kind of pie we’d want for dinner. She’d then go home and make that pie and we’d have it for dinner. They were all good!” said Beverly. “She also likes to go to garage sales, do puzzles and adult coloring when her eyesight would still let her.”

After Velma’s husband passed away in 2003, she continued living in their one-bedroom apartment in independent living until about five years ago when she decided she needed more care.

“She likes living at Clay Center Presbyterian Manor. Her dad lived and died here, her older sister lived here after mom got here, her niece and her husband lived here and passed away her, and her sister-in-law lived here,” said Beverly.

To celebrate her birthday, Velma’s children joined her for lunch in the dining room and Velma gave the residents on the third floor some candy.

Happy 102nd birthday, Velma!

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